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Answers to common questions about RACKING AND MEZZANINE IN SINGAPORE, including how to search for a suitable system, submissions, etc.

Depending on individual companies, not all offer free site consultation session.

Racking systems can be fully customized to your own storage criteria and needs.

A floor plan will allow the consultant to provide a more precise quotation or site consultation appointment with measurements.

There are various racking systems to cater to weight loads from small-sized goods to heavy industrial applications. A safe working load (SWL) label will be given to stick on the racking system.

Yes, storage racking systems are legal in Singapore. Depending on the size of the racking system with proper submissions are required.

It takes at least 10 working days for the FSC approval to go through. Or otherwise will be advised.

Only if the racking system (stand-alone system) is used for storage purposes, no bolting to floor and wall or welding can be exempted from the Gross Floor Area (GFA).

Yes, a building plan for the “Notice of Approval” and a fire plan for a Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) are required to be submitted to the SCDF. As long as you can stand on the decking or platform.

Yes, a structural plan is needed to be submitted to BCA for a “Notice of Approval” before installation. And the installation works must be built accordingly to the structural plan submitted. BCA will reject any design changes.

Yes, there is a need to inform and get approval permit from the building management on the proposed installation before starting of work.

Only a certified licensed builder can install a racking system and submit to BCA department.

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